We’re always looking for new members of our team who are enthusiastic, energetic and have a passion for Ireland.

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Shamrocker Adventures is an award-winning, innovative and forward thinking company. It's our mission to give independent budget travellers the chance to really discover Ireland and remember it as one of the best times of their life! 


We’re always looking for new members of our team who are enthusiastic, energetic and have a passion for Ireland. To deliver our tours you’ll need excellent communication skills, a good knowledge of Ireland’s history and culture, the highest standards of customer service and a sense of adventure.

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A typical day

Your day will start at 8am at the Shamrocker Adventures office. You will check in your passengers at 8.15am. Then it’s time to load up their luggage, ‘Welcome’ them and run through the key safety information and you’re off for an unforgettable trip around the Emerald Isle.

It’s your job to decide what the plan is for the day. There’s certain ‘must visit’ places which will be on the itinerary, however you’ll use your experience to determine how’s best to spend the day taking account of the group profile, the weather conditions, the time of year etc..

Perhaps the sun is shining without a cloud in the sky and it’s perfect for a picnic on the beach. Perhaps it’s snowing and some of your customers have never seen snow before so a snowball fight and snowman building competition is the order of the day. Whatever you think is best for the group is what you’ll do.

We are sure that, to some of you at least, this all sounds a little daunting. That’s not a problem; each and every one of us has been there before you. Don’t worry, we don’t throw you in at the deep end and we don’t expect you to be able to do all this straight away.


We have a comprehensive training programme which will give you all the skills you’ll need, from Historical Knowledge to ‘breaking the ice’ techniques.

We have a range of tours which you will take which last from 3 to 7 days in duration. Generally you’ll start on the shorter ones to get the feel for the role but we’ll train you in each of them and make sure you have the variety which keeps you fresh.

Whether its visiting castles, leading walks, planning a picnic on the beach or simply getting in enough stops you will very quickly learn how to deliver world class trips and have a ball while you do it! And yes, we pay you for doing this too!

Our success has been built upon our people and that’s why we see it as a top priority to invest in you. Our training has been created to develop the necessary skills to ensure that you do, not just a good job, but a fantastic job. We will train you to deliver excellent experiences each and every day.

Although based in Dublin, the role will involve working away from home. You may also get the opportunity to be involved in our Sales and Reservations functions within our Dublin office.

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