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“Once you go Ireland...you'll never go back!”

What can I say, Ireland has stolen my heart. And it's all thanks to the Shamrocker tour! Our guide was hands down amazing as our lovely tour guide, with a great mixture of knowledge of Ireland and a zest for fun. The tour itself was remarkable, each place we went to was breathtakingly beautiful, paired with a rich history. I can not get over how much beauty Ireland has to offer. And I am actually feeling homesick from this tour (not from my actual home) I met some of the most incredible people on the tour, and it was just brilliant I got to spend 7 days with them traveling Ireland. Life long friends now! To sum it up, do yourself a favor and go to Ireland. You won't be disappointed.

-Britt, June 2016

People at Blarney Castle wall

“Craic 90, no less!”

As we learnt from Kim, our wonderful guide, the Irish use the phrase 'craic 90' to describe the absolute greatest of nights. The same principle can be applied to the 5 day Giant Rocker Tour that my partner and I enjoyed. The scenery - breathtaking. The food - delicious. The accommodation - great quality and location. The guide - Outstanding. It was only on one of the last day that we realised that Kim had never read from notes or cue cards, she simply channeled her passion for her beautiful country into all that she does. Full of knowledge about the good times and bad, always objective and never afraid to exhibit some classic Irish humor! A great way to see all the sites in a quick and ordered fashion, with no laborious days on buses, the next destination only ever being a few hours away! We could not fault the entire tour.

-Daniel, July 2016

People on the beach

"Amazing tour!"

Wow! What an amazing tour! Our tour guide was awesome. She had so much knowledge about Ireland's history and culture and the places we visited. She made the tour entertaining and I'd definitely recommend this tour for people from all walks of life. It was well organised, yet flexible. Ireland is a very beautiful place and a Shamrocker tour is a wonderful way to experience it at its best. We were able to explore so much, yet it didn't feel like we were on the bus all the time or rushed. I loved that with Shamrocker tours, you just book it and enjoy the trip without the fuss! Book it - you will love it!

-Brienne, August 2016

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