Why go Shamrocker?

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Girl at Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland


There is nowhere quite like Ireland. Our Emerald landscapes will blow your mind and capture your heart.

Dingle Peninsula, Ireland tour

Our Irish adventures are shamelessly good fun or as we say over here, ‘great craic’. Discover what it means to be Irish; from our unrivaled storytelling skills to our love of traditional music – and drinking Guinness while we listen to it! Lose yourself in ancient sites, awesome scenery, and quirky pubs. This is your time to let go, laugh like mad and party like its St Paddy’s. Live your best life, the Irish way.

Tours of Ireland

CRAIC? Official definition of ‘craic’: enjoyable time spent with other people, especially when the conversation is entertaining and funny.

“What’s the craic?” = “How are you?” or “What’s happening?”

Our definition: ‘the craic’ is all about the good times, jammed into one awesomely Irish package. Experience the best of Ireland, laugh ‘till you can’t breathe, and make new friends from all over the world. That’s our tours in a nutshell.

Live music in Ireland


The craic and music are like the chicken to the egg. Which came first.

Music is a fundamental part of Irish culture. Our tours are buzzing with live music and our guides know the best bars with traditional tunes at every stop. Whether it’s an Irishman on a fiddle or a leprechaun on his whistle, music is the best way to get the craic started.

We're having too much fun to CRAIC that one!

St Patrick's day in Dublin


Our dancing philosophy: The more you care, the less you rock. So dance like nobody's watching and everyone will!

We love to dance. Whether it’s a reel, a jig, or a St Paddy’s twerkoff, we’ve been there, done that. Give us modern music or traditional tunes - we’ll bust our best moves either way. On our epic Irish tours, there’s always a place for you to strut your stuff, from bar to bus.

There’s an Irish song for every occasion


There’s an Irish song for every occasion. The sad ones will make you laugh the happy ones will make you cry. Either way, it all feels good!

Ireland has been through a lot, and we all need a song or two to get us through the tough times. Irish people sing their emerald hearts out, and tug at the strings on yours. These special songs will stay with you forever.

Local Irish guides


If stories are the true currency of humanity, our leprechauns, giants and fairies must make us the richest people in the world.

We love a good yarn. Few places have a tradition as rich in storytelling as Ireland. There are many to hear, and they get better (and more believable) with every sip of Guinness.

Ireland tours


Bejeezus, we love a gossip. After all. life's too short to take seriously.

Who can resist a grand old gossip? Once the Irish whispers set in, you won’t believe the yarns spun about our poor old Paddy. Either way, what happens on tour stays on tour; you can keep as much or as little of it to yourself as you like.